Guide To Driver AppA guide on how to use the Trotte Driver App, going online, receive request, pickup to dropoff, etc.
Signing up to drive with Trotte is easy. You'll get started by sharing some info about yourself and the vehicle you'd like to drive on the Trotte platform. The best way to sign up is to download the driver app. You can also sign up at
We'll need to review your:
            - driver's license number
            - vehicle registration
            - additional info and documents for a driver and the vehicle... Read More
In the interest of safety and comfort for riders, friends and family of driver-partners may not ride in their vehicle during a trip. When online, please do not allow other passengers to ride in your vehicle.
In most cities, the highest demand for rides occurs during weekends, rush hours, and evening hours.

The map displays different color intensities to indicate areas of high and surging demand for rides.

When you zoom in and out on the map, you'll see surge pricing estimates as multiples. For example, you might see the rectangle of 1.2x, 1.4x, or 1.8x.
Your app's map shades certain areas of the city in a color of pink, orange. The color indicates areas with higher current demand for rides.

Use this info to your advantage by heading toward surging areas to receive nearby ride requests. Riders who request pickup in shaded areas have agreed to surge pricing for their trip fares.

You can zoom in to shaded areas on the map to see their current surge multipliers displayed as numbers. For example, you may see shaded areas with surge... Read More
Your Trotte app continues to run when you're using other apps or the phone. GPS info is continually collected to ensure your trips are recorded for accurate fares.

Follow local regulations regarding phone use. Please be mindful that talking on the phone while driving can be distracting and dangerous. Some riders also find this rude and unsafe.
When you're in your vehicle and ready to receive trip requests from nearby riders, tap a pulsing orange bar at the top of your screen indicates your app is online and active to receiving trip requests.

When you receive a trip request you'll see a screen appear with the trip details and a flashing orange button. To accept the trip, tap the button within 30 seconds.

If you do not want to accept the trip request, tap the "x" Reject icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.... Read More
If you accept a trip request but are unable to meet the rider, you can use your app to cancel on your end:

3. Tap the "X" icon to cancel
4. Select your cancellation reason

A great pickup starts when you receive the ride request. Once you accept the ride, the app will  suggest the best and easiest route to pick up the passenger.

Riders are notified by their app when you reach at the pickup location. If you cannot locate each other immediately after you arrive, use your app to call or send a text SMS to let the rider know you're at the pickup location.

Traffic can make it dangerous for riders to cross the street to meet you. If you're... Read More

The Driver app has inbuilt GPS navigation, but you also have the option to use third-party systems for navigation on the trips. Feel free to choose the navigation app in the app, like Google Maps, Waze or any other navigation app you may like to use.

When using a third-party navigation app, the Driver app continues to record trip details to ensure your fare is correct.
Riders can edit a trip's final destination at any time before the driver-partner swipes End Trip.

To change a trip's destination, kindly ask the rider to change this for you if only they agree or want to change their drop location.

Some locations have similar street names. It's good practice to let riders enter their preferred destinations and then confirm with them.
A trip ends when you arrive at a rider's last stop. When your vehicle comes to a complete stop, swipe "COMPLETE TRIP". Your app will prompt you to rate your trip experience.

Stop or park as close as possible to the final destination address.

While many riders will input an exact destination address into the app, it's good practice to confirm with riders where they'd like to exit your vehicle.

If a road closure or any other barrier makes it difficult to reach the... Read More
Trotte is a cashless experience in most cities. When a trip ends, the fare is automatically charged to the rider's preferred payment method.

Unless you are on a trip to a city where riders can use their app to select cash as a payment option, there is no need to ask a rider for a cash payment of trip fares.

All surge, referral and other expenses paid by riders will be noted and reflected in your weekly statement.

We are committed to the safety of everyone using the Trotte platform. If you have been involved in an accident, please follow these steps:

1. Check that all parties involved are safe.
2. Notify police and paramedics if necessary.
3. Contact us at

1. End the trip
2. Tap your main menu,
3.  Tap "History" and select the trip,
4. Tap "Help" and select "Trip Issues and Fare Adjustments " then "I was in an accident"

Next, please let us... Read More