For CorporatesInformation about the Corporal portal and Corporate payment method etc.

If you're having trouble joining your company's corporate account, make sure that you:

- Don't forward your email invite or use a forwarded invite. Everyone the administrator invites to the corporate account will have their own personal email invitation.
- Use your existing login information if you already have a Trotte account. This is only for login purposes--your company won't have access to trips taken on your personal profile.

If you still can't connect, ask your... Read More

Once you've joined your company's corporate account:

1. Open your Trotte app and enter your pickup and destination addresses
2. Underneath the "Tap Personal Account"
3. Select your company profile
4. Request a ride

Please note:
Your company won't see any information about the rides taken on your personal profile.

Your organization's admin can create rules and restrictions around when and where people use the account. If you can't request a trip and think... Read More

Before you can start riding with your corporate account, the company admin will need to send you an email invite. Once you receive the invite, follow the steps below.

If you already have a Trotte account:

1. Check your email for a message from prompting you to join your organization's business account
2. Open the email and click "Get Started"
3. Click "Yes, Sign In"
4. Enter the email or phone number and password associated with your existing... Read More

When setting up your Trotte Account, you’re required to provide the following details:

1. Company details, address and contact person
2. The details of the Corporate Account Administrator (name, email, preferred phone number)
3. Legal Invoice Address
your company is registered at
4. The invoice email will be used to send monthly statements
5. VAT registration code is the official VAT/GST code of the company (if the... Read More

Trotte sends an invoice after every trip with a summary of the trip details. The summary is a statement sent for accounting purposes and does not indicate a need for payment. It will also display all rides users have taken, split by country (if applicable).

An invoice for the 10% service fee is also sent. The fee will be charged from your card automatically.  

Any of the monthly summaries and the service fee invoice can be downloaded in the portal:

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