For DriversInformation about the driver app, pricing, payouts and ride-related issues, etc

If you are unable to go online, a few account issues may be stopping you:

           - Your documents have expired
           - You are driving outside the service area of your sign-up city
           - You recently uploaded new documents and they are pending review
           - You have not downloaded the newest version of the Trotte Driver app
           - Your account is on hold due to a reported accident or... Read More

If you're interested in driving in a different city than the one you're currently approved to drive in, kindly see this link here to get help and learn about the specific local requirements for any city where Trotte is available.

Once you have identified that Trotte operates in the City you're interested and you meet the requirement for you to drive there, please send the specified document at with your info at
We'll review your account and... Read More

If you're having trouble logging into your Trotte account, first try resetting the password of your Trotte Driver account.

Here is how;

           1. Ope your Trotte Drive App
           2. On the Sign/Sign up Page tap "FORGOT PASSWORD"

           3. Choose your preferred method to receive the verification code and enter your details

           4. Enter the verification code received depending on your method. If... Read More

You can use the Trotte Driver app to update your phone number, email address, password, and home address by following the steps below:

           1. Tap menu icon, in the upper left corner of the screen
           2. Tap your photo
           3. Tap "Edit"
           4. Enter your updated info
           5. Click Save

To update your commission plan, vehicle type, vehicle number, make, model, color and year.... Read More

If your license plate number is incorrect in your Trotte account. please send us an email at with the correct info and a screenshot of your vehicle. We'll update it.
If your vehicle make or model is listed incorrectly on your Trotte account, please let us know at with the correct make and model.

Upload a photo of your vehicle for confirmation. We'll update your account.
If you no longer drive with a vehicle currently listed on your Trotte account, please contact us at for us to remove it.

If you are unable to go online, a few account issues may be stopping you:

             - Your documents have expired
             - You are driving outside the service area of your sign-up city
             - You recently uploaded new documents and they are pending review
             - You have not downloaded the newest version of the Trotte Driver app
             - Your account is on hold due to a reported... Read More

Some events during a trip cannot be anticipated. Circumstances outside your control may impact the rating you receive from a rider.

We understand this can cause concern. Since your overall rating is based on an average of up to 500 of your most recent trips, an individual trip rating will not have a significant impact on your overall rating.

Additionally, if a rider gives a negative rating and selects a trip issue that is unrelated to your performance (i.e. Too many pickups,... Read More
Rider comments are always anonymous. Ratings are confidential, so we can't provide information around the rating given for a specific trip.

Riders will not see their updated rating until after they have rated you, so you can feel confident providing honest feedback. This ensures ratings are as fair as possible for both parties.

Our goal is for Trotte experience to be safe, comfortable and enjoyable for everyone. Our dual rating system allows riders and drivers... Read More

You can track your earnings by week, day, or trip in your Driver app.

To view the Earnings tab:

             1. Tap the menu icon in the upper left corner of the app
             2. Select "History"

Your total earnings for the current week are displayed at the top of the tab with the trip details below. Click on the trip below to view a complete breakdown of earnings and costs.

Tap the dates displayed up and swipe to the left to view... Read More

Trotte does not ask or expect riders to tip. In most cities, when you arrive at a rider's destination and end the trip, the fare is automatically charged to the rider's account. Tips and gratuities are not included in trip fares.

Any cash offered by a rider is voluntary.

If a rider wishes to tip you, please feel free to accept.

Your weekly payment statement notes the total payment sent by direct deposit to your bank account.

Your total payment is calculated by adding all:
                 - trip fares
                 - cancellation fees
                 - promotions (where applicable)
                 - referral rewards (where applicable)

And subtracting any:
                  - Trotte... Read More
Trip fare is determined by the route's total time and distance. When a stop is made during a trip, this waiting time is included in the fare. Any distance traveled to additional stops prior to the rider's final destination will also be included.

When riders ask you to make a stop on the way to their final destination, let the trip continue. Swipe COMPLETE TRIP only after riders exit your vehicle at their destination.

When a ride request or current trip is canceled, you may be paid a cancellation fee. Cancellation fees are noted in your payment statement.

Please note that the Trotte Fee applies to the cancellation fee.

Cancellation fees are applied in the following situations when:
- A rider cancels a trip request more than 5 minutes after you accept the trip and you are running on time (within 5 minutes). In some cities, a rider may be charged a fee if the request is canceled more... Read More

Payment statements include all trips in your weekly payment cycle. This cycle begins at 6 am local time on Friday and ends at 4 am on the following Monday. If a trip was completed after 6 am on a Friday, it may appear on your next weekly statement.

If you are looking at an "In-Progress" or current payment statement in the middle of the week, keep in mind that completed trips sometimes require up to 48 hours to display.

If you are still unable to locate a trip on your completed... Read More
Drivers using the driver app are charged the Trotte Fee(App Fee) as a percentage of each trip fare. If surge pricing applies to a trip, the Trotte Fee percentage is also deducted from the surge amount.

The Trotte Fee helps cover costs including technology, development of app features, marketing, and payment processing for driver-partners.
The payment you receive for a trip will be less than the fare you'll see in your app at the end of a trip.

The fare displayed at the end of a trip includes the Trotte fee, which is a percentage of the total fare that goes to Trotte to help cover operating costs, including technology, development of app features, marketing, and payment processing for drivers-partner.

The Trotte fee is deducted from the trip fare. The total payout shown in your payment statement does not... Read More

Everyone with a Trotte account has a personal invite code that you can share with friends interested in creating a rider or driver account. You'll receive rewards when:

                   - New riders enter your invite code before requesting their first trip
                   - New drivers sign up using your invite code and then complete a certain number of trips or other conditions

You are only eligible for one referral reward per... Read More

If a friend referred you to Trotte, but the referral code was not successfully entered when you first signed up, let us know at
If you would like to remove yourself from another fleet partner account, let us know at We'll remove you immediately after we receive and process your request.

You may not be able to drive until you find a new partner or meet the requirements to become a partner yourself.

Please note that any trips you already completed will be paid to your fleet partner's account.

Trotte is a technology platform. Trotte smartphone app connects riders with the driver-partners.

As a driver-partner, you use your own vehicle or a fleet partner's vehicle to pick up riders and drive them to preferred destinations in your city. You're paid a fare for each completed trip.

Visit Trotte website to explore all the cities where the Trotte currently operates.

As Trotte expands to cities around the world, this list is regularly updated.

Our goal is to make each ride safe for everyone using the Trotte platform. Trotte uses technology to ensure the safety of our riders and driver-partner before, during and after every ride. When you're online, your vehicle's route and location are tracked by GPS.

Riders and drivers are required to verify personal information when setting up their accounts. This private information is confidential and retained to confirm identity. When you're on your way to a pickup location or... Read More

let us know how we can assist you at

To see the document requirements for your city:

Go to

Trotte signup page lets you enter a friend's invite code so they can be opted into receiving a referral award. Referral award policies, requirements, and amounts will vary by city.

When you sign up directly from an email or text message SMS invite, your friend's invite code is automatically applied. Click the link in your invite to sign up.
If you forgot or were unable to enter an invite code when signing up for your driver-partner account, please let us know at
Trotte terms and conditions do not allow sharing of driver-partner accounts. Another driver using your account poses a serious safety concern. If we learn that a driver did not match the driver-partner profile displayed by a rider's app, the account will be immediately suspended pending an investigation.

A driver-partner who has violated this policy is permanently removed from the platform. If there is an unconfirmed complaint, driver-partners will receive a formal warning. Unconfirmed... Read More
Depending on your city, your vehicle may need to undergo a 19-point inspection.

19 Points Checked:

Headlights Tail-lights Turn indicator lights Stoplights Foot brakes Emergency/parking brake Steering mechanism Windshield Heat and air conditioning Front, rear and side window The front seat adjustment mechanism Door controls (open, close, lock) Horn Speedometer Body condition/damage Muffler and exhaust system Condition of tires, including tread... Read More
In many Trotte cities, Trotte will offer various vehicle options to riders ranging from more affordable options like Tuk Tuk, Trotte to luxury options like Trotte LUX. Depending on your vehicle, you may be able to accept ride requests for different vehicle options.
To upload documents, use your app while signing up or head to

When you upload an image, make sure:
                 - the document image is clear
                 - all text is legible
                 - all 4 corners of the document are visible

Uploaded documents generally require 1-5 days for review
Uploaded documents generally require 1-3 days for review. To streamline the application process, please keep these tips in mind when uploading documents:

- Make sure all the documents are up to date and not expired. Expired documents will be rejected and extend your wait time as you resubmit.

- Your name must be clearly listed on your vehicle's proof of insurance and driver's license documents. Your name on these documents must match the name you use to sign up for your Trotte... Read More
Trotte offers in-person support and activation help throughout many cities across the world at Trotte Corner Location. If your city does not have a Trotte Corner Location, you can still get help from our 24/7 support team across the globe. Just visit the app menu in your "Live Chat" in your Trotte app.

Learn more about what your city has to offer at

If you signed up to drive in the wrong city, please let us know at We'll help you make all necessary changes to your account.

Yes, you can! If you need more time, feel free to return to complete the signup process later. Your profile info and uploaded documents will be saved.

The sooner you complete signup, the sooner you'll be able to go online and start receiving trip requests.
You will receive a text and email from Trotte when your account has been activated.

If you have not received a notification yet, please follow these troubleshooting tips.

- Make sure that all of the required documents have been uploaded to your profile. If a document has been rejected, it will need to be reuploaded.
- If you have already added all the required documents, please wait 48 hours for their verification.
- Sign the agreement and add a profile photo to complete... Read More
If you are having issues creating your account with Trotte, please let us know at

We'll assist you on the issues you're having with the signup process.
Typical driver app use on your personal device is unlikely to exceed more than 2 GB of data each month.

We recommend exploring mobile provider plans that include unlimited data.
If you are using an iOS device, you can download the app in the Apple app store. Search "Trotte driver" in the search bar, select app, then download.

If you are still having trouble downloading the app, please let us know at
If you are using an Android device, you can download the app by searching for "Trotte driver" in the Google Play store. If you are having an issue downloading the Trotte driver app on your Android device and your device displays an error like "unable to get a secure connection to server", try closing your browser app by tapping your device's menu button and swiping right on the browser app.

You can also clear your browser cache. To do this, tap the menu option within the browser (this is... Read More

If you're having trouble connecting with riders, check to make sure the phone number on your Trotte account is your correct mobile number (not a home number) that isn't private, blocked, or a Google Voice number.

To edit your phone number:

             1. Tap menu icon
             2. Tap the profile photo
             3. Click "Edit" at the top
             4. Tap your phone... Read More

Your Trotte driver app continues to run when you're using other apps or the phone. GPS info is continually collected to ensure your trips are recorded for accurate fares.

Follow local regulations regarding phone use. Please be mindful that talking on the phone while driving can be distracting and dangerous. Some riders also find this rude and unsafe.

If your phone displays this error message, please check that your location services setting is ON.

                 1. Head to Settings.
                 2. Make sure your location setting is set on.

It's always a good practice to check that all apps on your phone are up to date:
                 1. Open the Google Play store.
                 2. Select Menu in the upper left... Read More

Your app may not make a sound if your phone volume is set to mute. Correct this by turning up your phone's volume setting.

Occasionally when a phone is plugged into a vehicle USB port, the sound may automatically mute or deactivate.

You can also try turning Bluetooth OFF. On your phone's main screen, head to Settings > Bluetooth.
If your app keeps freezing or crashing, try the following in the app:

                 1. Double-tap the home button
                 2. Swipe up on the Trotte app card
                 3. Reopen the app

If you continue to experience issues, you can try to reset your network settings.

Note: This may result in all passwords being... Read More
The driver app requires battery and processing power to run. Extended use can contribute to your phone becoming hot to the touch.

While driving, try to keep your phone connected to a power source. If you use a phone mount, position your phone near air conditioner vents to help lower its temperature.
If your app displays a network error message, try the following:

                1. Turn Wi-Fi OFF in Settings > Wi-Fi > Off
                2. Turn Airplane Mode OFF in Settings > Airplane Mode > Off
                3. Turn Cellular Data ON in Settings App > Wireless & Networks (header) > More... > Mobile Networks > Data Enabled.

If these steps don't solve the issue, try restarting your phone by pressing and holding the power... Read More
If you use the driver app on an iPhone not updated to iOS 11.1 or above, notifications about new trip requests may occasionally not display correctly.
The Trotte driver app is regularly updated with new features and streamlined improvements. Your app will notify you if it requires an update before you can go online.

To update, follow the prompts. You can also visit your app store, where our most current version of the driver and rider app is available. Here

iOS devices may display a pop-up message requiring you to "trust" a new or updated app before it can be opened. To trust the Trotte app:
              1.... Read More

Trotte responds to all data disclosure requests within applicable legal frameworks.

Data is provided as required by law.

Driver data such as trip history, pay statements and driver documents are available in your Driver Dashboard. head to

Your data download contains the most relevant data about how you use Trotte. If you have questions about your personal data, would like to receive specific data that is not available in your... Read More